Bupa Platinum Dental Provider

Bupa Platinum Dental Provider

Enjoy Free Check-Ups and More with a Bupa Platinum Provider Dentist in Melbourne


A Bupa platinum provider in Melbourne, Carrum Downs Dental Care is among the many offering dental treatment and care to its patients with coverage plans.

Our team here works keeping dental plans such as Bupa Platinum and their benefits in mind while treating patients, with every dentist being knowledgeable of the various dental coverages in Melbourne affiliated to our clinic.

Benefits of Visiting Your Bupa Platinum Provider Dentist in Melbourne

To avail benefits with a Bupa Platinum dentist in Melbourne, it is essential that you have a hospital cover and extra coverage that also extends to general dentistry.

Through the Bupa Platinum coverage, you can avail the following benefits.

  • You can get a 100% rebate on dental services that are preventative.
  • On other dental services, anywhere between 60% and 100% rebate can be received.
  • Certain covers under Bupa Platinum offer 100% rebates for dental services carried out on children.

With an extra coverage along with the hospital cover provided by Bupa, your check-ups at our clinic will be free of cost, which will also include consultations, dental assessments, X-rays, mouthguards, clean-ups, and fluoride treatments.

When visiting our clinic, make sure you carry your Bupa Platinum card along with you. At Carrum Downs Dental Care, we follow a specific fee schedule for patients with Bupa coverage. You can find out more about it during your initial consultation.

If you are unsure of the coverage you need, you can visit Bupa’s website to find out more about the covers and plans they provide. You can also get in touch with their representatives for a better understanding of the plans.

Our team at Carrum Downs Dental Care is at your service to help you through the ordeal of getting treated by making all your dental treatments seamless, giving you the perfect smile.

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