Children’s dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

child dentistry

At Carrum Downs Dental Care, we take childrens dentistry very seriously. Not only do we take care of your children’s teeth, but we make sure to teach them everything they need to know to prevent future dental problems.

Our dentists are experienced in working with young children and can advise on all dental issues including early orthodontics.

When Should Your Child First See a Dentist ?​

We usually recommend that a child get his or her first dental appointment around 1 year of age, which is when the first tooth usually grows in. This is the best time to familiarise them with the dentist’s clinic, so they have the chance to develop positive associations early on in life to prevent fear.

It is very important to us that we provide a supportive, non-judgmental, positive environment for our pediatric patients at Carrum Downs. From the moment we seat your child in the chair, we turn on cartoons and assure them as we gently check their teeth. We also aim to offer advice about children’s dental care, such as what foods are good to eat and which drinks to avoid preventing early dental decay.

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At Carrum Downs Dental Care, our children s dentistry team goes the extra mile to encourage children to enjoy the dentist’s clinic, to brush their teeth correctly, and to understand key areas they need to pay attention to while brushing.

Thanks to the combined knowledge of our experts, we can provide seamless treatment for children of all ages, no matter how many specialists they may need to see for developmental problems.

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