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When you have a serious dental problem, it is important to contactus as soon as possible so we can have you out of discomfort in the shortest amount of time possible. Here are some of the reasons for needing emergency dentistry services.
Reasons for Emergency Dental Appointment
Reason 1: A Toothache from an Infection
While you might brush and floss several times a day, it is still possible to develop an infection in a tooth’s pulp, root or surrounding gum tissue. Your dentist can collect new X-rays to determine if there is a problem below the gums or in the alveolar bones. Treatment for an infection might begin with an additional cleaning of the tooth by scraping away the bacteria or cutting away the infected gum tissue. A dentist may also prescribe antibiotics to eliminate the infection.
Loose Filling
Reason 2: A Loose Filling in a Tooth
If you have a loose or broken filling, then visit your emergency dentist for a repair. A filling that is damaged can fall out at anytime, and the bacteria in your mouth will invade the hole in the tooth. Your dentist will clean the cavity in your tooth to destroy bacteria before inserting a new filling. Today, most fillings are made from color-matching composite materials that are impossible to see when you talk or smile.
Reason 3: Impacted Tooth
Impacted wisdom teeth cause extreme pain in the jaw, so you should consider emergency dentistry as fast as possible. When a third molar is impacted, it pushes against the other teeth in your mouth, causing inflammation. You will require anesthesia for impacted wisdom teeth removal, and in most cases, the procedure is fast and easy. You will need to recover at home by resting for several days as the sockets of the removed teeth develop clots.
impacted theet
Reason 4: Damaged Dental Restoration or Appliance

When you have dental restorations such as veneers or dental appliances such as bridges, the items can become damaged for a variety of reasons. With Carrum Downs Dental nearby, you can have a veneer reattached to a tooth or we can fix your broken filling in no time.

Reason 5: Dislocating a Tooth during an Accident

Emergency dentistry assistance is essential when a tooth is dislocated in an accident such as a fall from a bicycle or from being hit while playing sports. If you failed to wear a customized mouth guard, then chipping or dislocating a tooth is possible. Avoid handling the dislocated tooth too much, and don’t wash it, but you should save the tooth or its small chip by wrapping it in a soft cloth, and visit your dentist for a repair immediately. The nerves in a dislocated tooth are more likely to begin working again with the fastest treatment possible, so you should not delay having this procedure.

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