Whiter teeth and brighter smiles before Christmas? You Bet!

Everybody wants to look their best for the holidays. Can you imagine showing up to see your loved ones and being unprepared to celebrate Christmas with them? If you’d spend on a new outfit for Christmas parties or family photos, then doesn’t it make just as much sense to consider how a tooth whitening session could help you get ready for the festivities? Professional tooth whitening treatment can make a difference to the colour of your teeth, so you smile your best when you reunite with your loved ones this Christmas.

Our team at Carrum Downs Dental Care can help if you are interested in getting whiter teeth and a brighter smile before the Christmas holidays. If you are a new patient to our clinic, we will start you off with a thorough dental examination. This helps us to identify your suitability for the different types of teeth whitening services we provide. Having custom teeth whitening treatment at our clinic will help your teeth in ways that store-bought teeth whitening solutions will not be able to. Being a family dental clinic, we take pride in recommending solutions that do not damage our patients’ teeth.

Better than the Store-Bought Solution

Why not call our friendly team today to see when we can schedule you for a teeth whitening appointment? It is understandably tempting to look for a DIY solution, especially if you think you won’t have enough time to get your teeth whiter before Christmas. But why take the risk with store-bought chemical applications, when you can have our dentists see you through professional teeth whitening treatment within our clinic? We provide safe and effective teeth whitening treatment provides visible improvement for teeth that are stained from:

  • Regular coffee drinking,
  • Frequent consumption of red wine, and
  • Smoking.

As our teeth whitening treatment is custom-made to suit the various lifestyle considerations and needs of our patients, you can always trust that we’ll be able to help you get whiter teeth while keeping you safe and comfortable.

In-Chair of At-Home Solutions for Your Comfort and Convenience

If time constraints are an issue, especially for patients who are thinking of driving out to the country to see their loved ones, consider that we can also recommend a custom home teeth whitening solution to suit your needs. Whether you opt for an in-chair treatment at our clinic, or a home teeth whitening kit, know that we are equipped with the right tools and expertise to create custom teeth whitening moulds that fit your teeth perfectly.

Call Carrum Downs Dental Clinic for a Brighter Smile this Christmas!

Our teeth whitening solutions suit a wide variety of dental conditions and have seen proven results among plenty of our patients. If you are due for an annual dental appointment, why not ask our friendly staff about the teeth whitening services we provide? Carrum Downs Dental Care is proud to help our patients find safe and effective dentistry, no matter what their needs are. Give our clinic a call today at 03 9783 0600 and see how we can help you find your best smile before the Christmas holidays !