Getting to Know the Importance of Our Children’s Dentistry Services

You may often read or hear about how we’re known as being a family dentist. But have you considered what this means when it comes to helping your children find the right type of dental services they need?

Children’s dentistry is a specialist segment of dental health that we are proud to provide at Carrum Downs Dental Care. Beyond just helping your kids ensure that their teeth are healthy, or helping them when they need orthodontics support to improve their smile, our children’s dentistry services are provided as a way to encourage the uptake of good, lifelong dental hygiene habits among children. It is done by keeping an attentive mindset when it comes to providing any sort of dental service for children.

For starters, we always go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring that all children receive a safe and gentle experience no matter the reason why they’ve come to visit our dental clinic. This no doubt creates positive experiences among our younger patients, and in some cases, instils a healthy curiosity within them that may result in their wanting to actively play their part in ensuring their own dental health and hygiene.

Safe and Gentle Dentistry that is Comprehensive, No Matter Their Age Going back to the term ‘Family Dentist’, our team at Carrum Downs Dental Care keeps a meticulous understanding of exactly what your family may need when it comes to finding reliable dentistry. We keep a lifelong perspective when it comes to helping your child find good dental care, and this means being able to anticipate their dental needs according to the stage of life they’re in. Whether they need help with tooth removal or want to learn more about good brushing techniques, we always make it a point to ensure they never have a reason to worry about visiting our dentists.

Helping to Ensure Good Foundations for Great, Lifelong Dental Hygiene Great dental habits should always stick with them throughout their lives, and we keep the understanding that this can be formed when every one of our younger patients has a positive experience of our dental clinic. No matter if they should need:

  • Orthodontics support like braces,
  • Regular tooth cleaning and polishing, or
  • Advice on how to care for their teeth at home,

You can always trust that our dental team keeps in mind that their experiences will often result in the amount of attention they will pay towards keeping their teeth and gums healthy for life.

Carrum Downs Dental Care is Your Family Dentist You Can Always Call Upon Whether your child needs braces or routine cleaning, our family dental clinic is always there to help. Be sure to call us on 03 9783 0600 to ask about whether your child is eligible to claim their next dental treatment under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule!