Is a Home Teeth Whitening Kit the Right Choice for You?

Teeth whitening kits and treatments have fast become a popular way for many adults to get a brighter smile. Especially with home teeth whitening kits, this means that plenty of individuals have found direct access to improving their dentistry, from the comforts of their home. While plenty of these kits and treatments have proven harmless and effective, we still receive plenty of our patients who would still prefer to visit our dentists in Carrum Downs, to receive their treatment while in-chair at our clinic. So what’s the difference between paying your dentist a visit to receive professional home whitening, and bringing him a home teeth whitening kit that in many ways could produce the same results?

The truth is, whichever way you’d prefer to receive your teeth whitening treatment, there are chemicals used in whitening strips and gels that can damage the enamel on your tooth – especially if it’s still in its developing stages. This is why we recommend considering in-chair teeth whitening, especially for younger adults. Regardless of whether you’d prefer to get your teeth whitening done at home or in our clinic, you would still have to visit our dentists for a first-time consultation, so we can provide the right advice for your next steps.

Getting Whiter Teeth without the Fuss of Regular Visitations

Convenience is often the main benefit when it comes to understanding why some of our patients prefer opting for home teeth whitening kits. Apart from having a very busy schedule, some patients may even feel that a home teeth whitening kit can help them with slight discolouration to their teeth. This can happen more commonly than thought, especially when considering daily habits that involve consuming coffee or red wine. However, did you know that professional cosmetic dentistry can provide you with much brighter results, if you are facing a more serious discolouration of your teeth? Our professional assistance can also help to ensure:

  • More natural looking appearances to your teeth
  • No damage is done to your enamel and gums, and
  • That any other pre-existing dental restorations are taken care of.

Carrum Downs Dental Care Provides Comprehensive Cosmetic Dental Solutions

If you’ve been wanting to find ways to improve your smile, consider how our team of dental professionals is always ready to help. We can provide expert teeth whitening in-chair, or via a take home kit that you can use conveniently. Just call our dental clinic today on 03 9783 0600 to book a consultation with our dentists soon.