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Dental Care for the Whole Family

When in need of a trusted and qualified ‘dentist near me’ join countless other satisfied patients from the local community and visit Carrum Downs Dental Care.

Our quality dental services cover everything from general cleanings and check-up for the whole family, lasting results through preventative care, and comprehensive emergency treatment.

Thanks to our MySmile Plan our patents can enjoy a range of dental care and treatments with a flexible and long-term repayment option.

When they want treatment from a team of experienced dentists Carrum Downs residents know there’s no better clinic than Carrum Downs Dental Care. Book an appointment today.

Invest in Straighter, Stronger Teeth

Orthodontics Carrum Downs

At Carrum Downs Dental Care we provide unbeatable service in orthodontics for Carrum Downs patients looking to develop stronger teeth and a lasting, brilliant smile.

Our range of invisible braces help to promote better overall oral health, bringing your teeth into the correct alignment while far less noticeable than traditional metal braces.

Whether it’s to close gaps between your teeth, prevent overcrowding or to help overcome speech or eating difficulties our braces can help.

So if you want clear braces made to fit your smile with treatments delivered at a competitive cost, then make sure to visit the practitioners at Carrum Downs Dental Care today.

Implants For a Complete Smile

Dental Implants Carrum Downs

If you’re tired of feeling that you have to hide your smile because of damaged or missing teeth then visit Carrum Downs Dental Care today and find out how custom dental implants can bring back your shining smile.

Our tooth replacement service are simple and straightforward, providing lasting and natural-looking implants that support the structure and shape of your face, while preventing bone loss in the jaw and the risk of infections.

Thanks to our service and treatment plans for dental implants Carrum Downs residents can enjoy a bright new smile without the cost, with artificial teeth that fit perfectly and will last a lifetime. Contact our team today for all appointment enquiries.

Made For Your Smile

Veneers Carrum Downs

Don’t just dream of a natural-looking and attractive smile, make it a reality today! At Carrum Downs Dental Care we provide durable and pearly white porcelain veneers for Carrum Downs residents who are tired of their stained or cracked teeth holding them back.

Our veneers can help to cover gaps between teeth, straighten your smile or correct the appearance of misaligned teeth, all while improving your gum health and boosting your self-confidence. Each veneer is made to fit and do a particular job in service of your smile, all delivered through a cost-effective and simple procedure.

When you want a dental clinic near you that offers the very best in cosmetic dentistry solutions and dental veneers then make sure to visit Carrum Down Dental Care today.

Effective Relief from Pain and Discomfort

Wisdom Tooth Removal Carrum Downs

Are your wisdom teeth giving you grief? If the pain and discomfort getting in the way of your everyday life? Don’t let troublesome teeth hold you back any longer, for expert wisdom teeth removal Carrum Downs residents know they can visit the experienced and friendly team at Carrum Downs Dental Care.

When our patents come in for a wisdom tooth extraction our practitioners make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed, taking the stress and worry out of the procedure. After the surgery is complete we provide each patient with a care plan to put them on the path to a quick recovery, and ensure long-lasting results.

To book a consultation for a tooth removal, or to see how our range of quality dental treatments and services can benefit you, simply get in touch with the staff at Carrum Downs Dental Care today by calling 03 9783 0600.

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