Dentist in Sandhurst – Perfect For Dental Treatments

There is nothing we like to see more at Carrum Downs Dental Care than a patient of ours walking out of our practice with a beautiful, healthy and vibrant smile. That is why we provide such high-quality dentistry throughout Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs.If you are looking for a Sandhurst dentist residents love to visit and trust, then our clinic is where you’ll find them.
Every dental procedure that we carry out at Carrum Downs Dental Care is sure to be affordable, pain-free and superior quality.We provide a full range of dental services – all the way from general check-ups and dental maintenance to functional and cosmetic treatment procedures such as dental implants, extractions, crowns, bridges and fillings. Our Sandhurst dentist carries out the work with cutting-edge technology that helps us to perform dental treatments with ease and get you the best dental health outcomes as quickly as possible.

Here are a few benefits of availing a dental service at our Sandhurst Dental Clinic.

Highly Skilled And Experienced Dentists

As renowned and experienced dentists in Sandhurst, we have the necessary practical skills to handle complicated dental procedures with high levels of efficiency. We are committed to caring and high quality dentistry practices. Our aim is to give patients the required advice and treatment. Our treatments include preventive dentistry too for the right care that your teeth need.
Our team of dentists in Sandhurst are equipped with state of the art technology to provide safe, quick and painless treatment to all our patients. Our Sandhurst Dental Clinic is the longest running and trusted dental clinic in the area providing on-spot treatment to several complicated dental conditions. Our Dentists in Sandhurst constantly further their knowledge by attending many courses to stay at the forefront of modern dental treatment options.

Excellent Planning Methods

One of the main reasons why patients often prefer our services include the excellent planning methods. We define a strategy to tackle all dental conditions effectively and affordably. We use some of the most advanced equipment to carry out our dental procedures.

Highly Flexible Dental Treatments

We take the patients’ choices for treatment into account while recommending the best way to treat a dentalcondition.

Dental appointments are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm for your convenience. We offer 0% interest payment plans to help you fund your dental treatment.

Our Dental Treatments Include

  • Crowns- Crowns protect your teeth and even help to improve your smile.
  • Veneers- Veneers are used to improve the tooth appearance in case of crooked, discoloured, gappy teeth.
  • Bridges- If you have a missing tooth, bridges help to shape the teeth in the surrounding area. The teeth/tooth so shaped is corrected by placing crowns over them.
  • Dental implants- For any kind of tooth replacement, implants work just like natural tooth. Made of titanium, ceramic, metal or porcelain, they are the best option for artificial tooth.
  • Root canal- Root canal treatment (RCT) is used to replace any infected nerve with a filling to protect and restore your teeth.

Types Of Dentistry Services We Provide

Cosmetic Dentistry – At Carrum Downs Dental Care, we offer the most advanced dentistry treatments so that you can easily deal with chipped, broken, stained or gappy teeth. Our cosmetic dentistry procedures aim to let you have a beautiful smile that people compliment you for.
Preventive Dentistry- Our experienced dentists emphasize on preventive oral care. Some of the preventive dentistry procedures include cleaning, scaling, regular dental examinations for oral hygiene. Such procedures help you prevent dental problems like period on titis, tooth decay, other gum diseases.

Children’s Dentistry- Teaching children early oral care is important. Our compassionate team of dentists make dental care and treatments a delightful experience for children. We also educate parents to ensure right dental hygiene for children of different ages.

Residents looking for Sandhurst dentist should visit our Carrum Downs location – you can call us at 03 9783 0600 to ask any questions you have about our services or to make a booking.